Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiny Dancer

My mother put me in ballet class when I was four years old and I looooooooved it. I took lessons all the way through high school, and should have continued through college (UCI has an awesome dance program). But I decided to focus on my school work as I couldn't figure out how to fit in all my science classes and dance classes. I can't say that things turned out too badly...

Several years ago, I realized that I missed ballet and enrolled in an adult ballet class at Hawkins School of Performing Arts in Folsom. I would still be doing it today, but I have had two babies and can't seem to fit it into my schedule. So I did the next best thing and enrolled Chloe. The jury is still out as to whether she will love ballet as much as I do. She's four and her current priorities include coloring and walking her stuffed animal doggie named Chloe. Unless she develops a deep disdain for dance, I will keep signing her up for class as I feel it will help her to develop poise, confidence and discipline. And lets face it, the costumes are just so darn cute!

Chloe had her very first ballet recital last week and I was beside myself with joy and pride and will admit I shed a tear or two. I am very pleased to say that she did a wonderful job - Chloe smiled, performed most of the routine and didn't run off the stage. For a four year old, that is quite a feat. Would you like to see my little ballerina? Here are a few from backstage:

Fiddling with her choker

Hanging out with her friends

We also ran into an old neighbor of ours.
Amazingly enough, Chloe remembers going to Sophia's birthday party.
Which was 2 or 3 years ago.

Chloe was a little reluctant to be on stage...

... but she got over that pretty quickly:

I love how each girl is doing something different:

How cute are they?!?!

Here a few shot of Chloe and her ballet BFF, Jilli:

And Chloe with her daddy:

One thing that completely surprised me through all of this is what a diva my little girl is. I took hundreds of shots of her during her rehearsal and recital. And in those shots emerged a miniature model. I did not coach her on any of these, she is just that fierce:

I asked her to give me a ballerina pose and she gave me this:

I have no idea where this little girl came from. I was never this fabulous. And her daddy? Well, lets just say that he is really good at things like wrestling cows and chopping down trees.

Chloe, I love you dearly. You continue to amaze me each and every day. While I want to freeze you in time and keep you just as you are right now, I cannot wait to see what new and amazing adventures you have in store for us. You are and always will be my baby.

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