Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Cynthia!

I love birthdays, perhaps more than I should. Which could be traced back to the fact that my father never saw the point in celebrating them... "I celebrate achievements" he would grumble, "graduations are an achievement, birthdays are not". In my book, birthdays are most definitely an achievement as they signify another year of growth and learning (and in some cases, survival), and are the starting point for a brand new year of things to come. And when the birthday happens upon a decade, well, that is even better.

I had the honor of attending Cynthia's 60th birthday party earlier this month. I was asked by my wonderful friend, Schaelene, to come and photograph the festivities. Schaelene had organized a party for her stepmother, and my being there was a surprise. I met Cynthia when I entered the door wearing my gigantic backpack complete with tripod. Ever so sweet, Cynthia introduced herself, to which I replied "hi, I'm Nicole. I will be your photographer for today". I am a bit of a ding dong and forgot that this was a surprise gift from Schaelene and her cousin Sara. Ever the gracious host, Schaelene explained to her stepmother that I was there to gather photos of the families and friends who had traveled from far and near to celebrate this lovely woman. And as luck (or un-luck) would have it, Cynthia's husband was ill and could not attend the party. Ken was upset, not just because he was missing his wife's birthday party, but because he is usually the historian at these events. Schaelene assured her father that she would have someone there to photograph the event, so he should relax and get some rest.

It was a lovely party with around 50 guests, each of whom received a custom name tag written by the newly-minted first grader, Isabella:

Isabella's little sister, Claire, was the official greeter, giving lots of hugs to family and friends:

The co-hosts and the guest of honor - Schaelene, Sara and Cynthia:

Susan, a friend from high school, was able to make the party and raise a glass to her friend:

I couldn't help but photograph this little guy, Cynthia's nephew:

It is no secret that I am smitten by adorable little babies. But ones wearing UC Davis gear, fuggetaboutit! P.S. his father is a veterinarian - wahoo!

Here is Cynthia with her sister, Adrienne:

and with all of her siblings:

Marianne, Alan, Cynthia, Gerry and Adrienne
A handsome family, wouldn't you say?

No party is complete without a fabulous birthday cake.
Or two, if you are so lucky :-)

Cynthia's family is kind and did not give her 60 candles to blow out.
Although I think she could have done it!

Schaelene had her father on the phone for the singing of Happy Birthday. Even though Ken couldn't be there physically, he was still able to be a part of the party.

And what a wonderful party it was!

Happy Birthday Cynthia!
Happy Birthday to you!

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  1. You write and capture everything so beautifully! Love it!