Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Graham

I have been just a weeeeee bit delayed in writing this post. It has been almost 2 months since I witnessed baby Graham enter this world and I have been at a total loss for words... how do I describe the birth of my friends' son? After all, my relationship with Mel and JT has been, what I consider to be, the most significant friendship I have made in my adult life. Classmates in vet school, we endured an intense four years of classes, exams and clinics together. We lost touch after graduation, but through the magic of Facebook, we have re-connected. And I am so, sooooooooooooooooo thankful. Because these are two of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Baby Graham was 8 days late. If you have never experienced pregnancy or childbirth, I will tell you that the last month of pregnancy is agonizing. Having waited 9 months to meet your new child, each minute seems like an eternity. That, combined with the rapid disappearance of intra-abdominal space, most pregnant women feel that the final weeks of pregnancy are a cruel form of torture. And poor Mel... she went 8 days beyond her due date.

Thank goodness Mel is a rock star. Because with that extra time, Graham grew to almost 9 pounds. And Mel delivered him au natural. No drugs to dull the pain... only the love and support of her husband and both grandmas. And me in the background, clicking away, trying to capture the birth of this beautiful little boy.

When I first arrived at the hospital, Mel confessed that she had changed her mind and she didn't want to have a baby anymore. But everything was ready to go and there was no turning back. The water bath was filled and warming up. Yes, I said water bath. A true Davis hippie, Mel opted for a water delivery. And after seeing the set-up, I found myself a bit jealous that I didn't have such luxurious conditions for the births of my daughters.

It's just like being at the spa.
Warm water bath, candles, sphygmomanometer...

The mood was light and mommy and daddy were smiling:

and the grandmas kept themselves busy...

...while I admired Mel's pedicure

and marveled in how sweet this couple is

JT stayed with Mel every step of the way
(I think he could have a very successful career as a doula)

It was very hard to watch my friend in this much pain.
Fortunately for me, I could focus on taking pictures.

And in the end, Mel and JT had this:

I'll just be quiet now and let you enjoy the photos:

Congratulations, my friends.
Much, much, much love,



  1. once again, Nick, you have outdone yourself. what a blessing to all the family that you came into our lives to capture our memories forever. what a gift, indeed!