Monday, October 25, 2010

My Little Model

For the past year, I have been chasing Chloe around with my camera, practicing my photography skills. She has been an unwilling participant... I have thousands of photos of the back of her head and the palm of her hand as she tries to shoo my camera away.

In the past month, something has changed. Chloe wants me to take her picture. She even poses for the camera like a little model. And I have been loving every second of it!

Here is Miss Chloe in her contemplative pose. She came up with this one all by herself:

And then there was the pose with props at The Pumpkin Patch last week:

And I don't know what look she was going for here, but it is my favorite:

While I am thrilled by this new phase in Chloe's life, I am finding myself in a panic. My little girl, my first born, is growing up. And before I know it, she will be posing for her driver's license photo, prom pictures, wedding portraits... and I am just not ready for that yet.