Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cutest Swimsuits. Ever.

Summer sure took it's time getting here... I can't remember ever having a cold thundershower in June, but that's the way it has been this year. Which is a total bummer, because I bought my daughters the most adorable swimsuits at The Silver Spoon and I couldn't wait to get the girls into them. It took a good couple of weeks, but finally the sun made an appearance and we were on our way to Folsom Lake. Chloe packed up everything she and her sister would need, proudly exclaiming "I love to be prepared". If being prepared means bringing 4 towels, a rain umbrella and a microphone inside a suitcase on wheels, well then, they were most definitely prepared.

The moment the girls hit the beach, I could see everyone around smiling and saying "OMG they are so CUTE!". Which made me insanely proud because my kids usually resemble Little Orphan Annie with their mismatched clothes and tangled hair. But they just love these swimsuits and can't wait to put them on, hat and all. Yes, I said hat. Check it out:

The little lady bug is Chloe.
And the bumble bee would be Ella.
If you saw their Halloween costumes, you will recall they were
a lady bug and a bumble bee.

It is a little hard to see, but Ella's suit comes with wings and a stinger.
Very appropriate for my feisty little two year old.

The little antennae just crack me up.

Then there is my little lady bug.
Who I had trouble getting to stand still long enough to get some photos
(she was too busy flitting around, literally flapping her wings).
But then the lifeguards left the tower...

... and a little diva appeared.
I swear I did not coach her through these shots
(if you don't believe me, look at the studio ballet portraits she took yesterday.
I have never seen her "smile" that way before).

This one worries me.
Which is why she is not allowed to date until she is 50.
And will be enrolling in karate ASAP.
And why daddy will always accompany her to the beach.

Now that the sun is finally out, I'm pretty sure that we will be making lots more trips to the beach. And I'm thinking I may have to buy another suit for each girl... because at the rate we are going, these will be worn out before summer is over. Come to think of it, I should probably buy a suit in each size so that they can wear them for years to come... I love these suits that much. Fortunately for everyone at Folsom Lake, they don't sell these suits in my size. Or else I would be wearing one, too.

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  1. Ok, how much are the suits? And, is there a different bug for your niece? Seriously, so cute, it brought me to tears!! Love you guys!