Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you know a vet, you know that we tend to be fanatical about our pets. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a not-so-good way. You see, we learn lots of scary things in vet school... For some of us, if our pets so much a sneeze, we automatically think it must be suffering from at least 3 major, scary disease processes. Sometimes knowledge is a bad thing.

I work with a vet who is incredibly smart... I always marvel at how much this woman knows. Any time that I listen to her speak on the phone to a client, or watch her do surgery, or read out a radiograph, I am amazed at what an amazing veterinarian she is. Our schedules don't overlap anymore, so we rarely see each other. But when I read her notes in patient records, I am reminded of how lucky our hospital, and our patients, are to have Dr. Hench on staff.

Dr. Hench has a little poodle named Dewey. To say that she loves him would be a gross understatement. Dewey, the little apricot poodle, stole Dr. Hench's heart many years ago. Alas, she and Dewey were able to make room in their lives as they married Dale in 2007. And if the rumor mill is correct, Dale has fallen for Dewey just as hard as his wife has.

A few weeks before Christmas, Hench (for some reason, we vets refer to each other by last name) sent me an email asking if I would take some portraits of Dewey as a surprise gift for Dale. I was so excited to photograph the legendary Dewey! Although I was a little nervous that my portraits would never live up to the legend himself. We set up a date and had ourselves a little photo session. Which included 4 wardrobe changes. In a word - awesome.

I now give you Dewey:

I'm not sure where dog begins and carpet ends...

Ensemble number 1 - the red Woolrich wool coat.
And yes, Dale has one to match.

I got my snowman PINNED!

Dewey under the tree

Dewey playing some poker.
Nice hand, eh?

Ensemble number 2: tuxedo.
Dewey wore a tux to his parents' wedding.

Although Hench tells me he wouldn't wear the hat during the ceremony.
Which is a shame, because he looks so stinkin' cute!

Ensemble number 3: Halloween costume.
Dewey was a veterinarian.

And ensemble number 4: camo jacket.
Has anyone seen Dewey?

Mama has! And look, she's wearing camo, too!


We unplugged for a bit to get some photos of Mr. Dewey in his natural state. Freed from his couture, Dewey relaxed on the bed for a bit. Although I think Dewey secretly enjoyed his afternoon as a model.

Hench, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to photograph your most precious Dewey for your most wonderful husband. It was an honor to do so. Please give the Dewey man a kiss from his personal paparazzi.

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