Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Fishies

The weather this spring has been totally bizarre... one day it is hailing and the next it is 90 degrees. Fortunately, this past Sunday was a nice warm day because we were headed off to visit our friends JT and Mel who have the most incredible pool! I forgot my swimsuit, which gave me the perfect excuse to take photos of 3 little fishies.

First we have Gage and his mommy Mel:
If you followed my older blog, you may remember that Gage is Ella's future husband. Yes, she is still smitten with the boy. Speaking of Ella, here is my little fish and my bigger fish:

They had such a great time in the pool, we had a hard time getting them out. Gage was a good little boy and got out when he was supposed to. But I think it was because he was looking forward to some lounge time:
But then it was time for hide and seek with daddy:

And to race daddy:

And to go flying with daddy:

I felt a little bad about this one... I was having trouble getting the right shot, so I had JT throw Gage in the air over and over again. Did I mention that he had a sore back? And Mel, bless her heart, was worried that Gage was scared. I don't know, I think he looks pretty happy here. Hopefully I haven't traumatized him for life.

After lots of swimming and running and flying, it was time for Gage to go to bed. Because Gage is a good little sleeper and goes to bed at a decent hour and sleeps all through the night. If only my girls would pay attention to this:

My girls were too excited by all the new toys to settle down. Chloe's favorite was JT's phenomenal fish tank. Would you like to see it?

I'm pretty sure there is an imprint of Chloe's hands and nose still on the glass. She was fascinated by these little guys. Oh, who am I kidding, I was, too! I must have spent over an hour trying to photograph the little creatures inside. Several of the inhabitants have great little stories. Like Big Mama, the clown fish JT has had since freshman year of vet school (which was some 11 or 12 years ago)...

See that little black spot on her side? Apparently that is a battle wound from a wayward urchin. Well, it hasn't seemed to slow her down any. And her she is with her little friend, Little One:

I tried to get them to pose together... they didn't. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to photograph fish? And I thought toddlers were hard.... geesh! Speaking of difficulties photographing fish, let me tell you about a little fish named PoPo. PoPo is this little yellow fish who likes to make tunnels in the sand. He is super shy and was reluctant to come out of the hole he had dug for himself. That, and he was probably more happy hanging out with his best buddy, a shrimp named Ray. Ray was equally as shy. So I spent a long time hovering about their corner of the tank, waiting for an appearance. Would you like to meet my new little friends?

Meet PoPo. Isn't he handsome? I am so happy that PoPo decided to give me the time of day! And would you like to meet his friend Ray?

You can see PoPo's little yellow fin just behind Ray. I tried super hard to get a photo of the two of them together. I would have better luck getting a photo of Brangelina... Anyhow, this is the best (and only) shot that I got:

Perhaps some other time I will be able to get a nice portrait of the reclusive couple.

Here are just a few more shots from the tank:

Thank you again Mel, JT and Gage for having us over the other night. I apologize that we stayed so late... we were having such a good time we didn't want to leave! Chloe is still talking about it and can't wait to go back:


  1. the gage montage is AMAZING! great shots of your "little fishies" too!