Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Fun Time

I have known Amy for over 10 years... she was my big sib in vet school (by default... my husband was her big sib and he forced me upon her). After graduation, we spoke on occasion as she was a vet at the emergency hospital that my clinic referred to. And now I am fortunate enough to work with Amy at the emergency hospital. She is one of those exceptionally brilliant people and I wish I could plug my brain into hers and download all of that knowledge she has inside. Just as I looked up to her in vet school, I look up to her in practice.

On the occasions that our shifts overlap, we discuss family and life outside of the hospital. Often we would talk about what we wanted to be when we grow up... I always claimed that I wanted to be a secret shopper for high end spas, where salon owners would pay me to have a massage and a pedicure in exchange for my anonymous opinion on the service I received.

Well, I never ended up doing that, but I did end up starting a new career in photography. And Amy has been super supportive of me since day one. Last year, I asked if I could take some photos of her daughter for my portfolio, and Amy was so gracious. I spent a few hours out her her place, stalking Ellie with my camera... and I am so glad that I did because three photos from that day ended up on my website.

A few months ago, Amy asked if I would take some photos of her family and I was so super excited!!! We had a hard time coordinating our schedules... Amy works crazy overnight shifts, her husband works full time and their daughter has about 40 different extra curricular activities. After a few attempts, we finally set a date and took some pictures.

Amy lives in this great community in Cool, which gave us plenty of different photo opportunities. We started out on the golf course, where it was blazing hot and the sun was melting everyone in sight. You would never guess by looking at the photos:

Okay, so most of the time that I see Amy, we are at work. And work can be very, very serious. It was so much fun to see Amy in her natural habitat... far from any BBBD, HBC, or GDV. Amy and Darrin have been married for twenty years (I think...) and look at how sweet they still are together:

It was such a treat for me to see Amy as a mom and a wife.

We headed on over to the pond to feed some geese. They were very hungry and were glad to see us. Or should I say, they were glad to see the bag of bread Ellie was carrying.

Near the pond were several horses. Ellie loves horses. I am terrified of horses. And despite my fear, I enjoyed watching Ellie love on two horses who were safely behind a large fence. Although I was a bit concerned when the pony started chewing on Ellie's sandal... I thought a trip to the ER was imminent for either a laceration repair or to re-attach Ellie's foot to her leg. Don't worry, everybody came away in one piece.

Amy, thank you for being so supportive of me in both of my careers. It was such a pleasure for me to come out and to photograph you and your family. What a wonderful day...


  1. OMGosh! I love all these pictures! Amy, which is super hard for me to call her, is amazing! The pictures of her, Darrin & Ellie bring tears to my eyes!! love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!