Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's a new year...

I am not a fan of resolutions. No matter how big or small, I never seem to keep them... not even for a day. And since it is the New Year, I am tempted to make some resolutions (yes, I realize we are a week in to 2012). But I am going to resist the urge because ultimately I am setting myself up for failure. Exhibit A: my last blog, dated November 9, 2011. I proclaimed that I would be catching up on my blogging... in fact, I threatened a cavalcade of blogs. Here we are, nearly 2 months later, and not a blog in sight. Can you say winning?

It is the first weekend of the New Year and I am in Tahoe. Four families, totaling 8 adults and 10 children, are sharing a fabulous house in the mountains. We have been friends since vet school and our kids are all the same age. Even though there is no snow (it's January, and there is NO snow), we are having ourselves a great time. And I have actually had some time to sit, relax, take photos and blog (resolution or not).

Here is a recap of our fun-filled, snow-free weekend, starting with fun inside the cabin. It is amazing to me how tech savvy these kids are:
Fortunately, they are able to have low-tech fun as well (just add a broom or a box):
And what is this? A child reading a BOOK!?!?!
Smiles and laughs were everywhere:
We made our way to Soda Springs where there was some ice snow. It was cold, it was windy and at times, it was downright miserable. But the kids had a blast.
Thank you to the Cooks, the Karles and the Kreuschers for such a great weekend. Good food, good drink, but most of all, good friends. We are already looking forward to our trip next year!

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