Friday, October 21, 2011

My Happy Place

I have been sooooooo bad about blogging. Not for lack of material. In fact, I have so much stuff to write about, I don't know where to begin. As each day passes, I feel a little more guilty for not writing and to avoid the guilt, I put blogging off for a better time. Ah, the trappings of a procrastinator.

Today is the day that I have decided to get back to my poor, neglected blog. I am starting with some photos that I took last winter in January. I think I posted one image from my trip (thank goodness I did, because I think I accidentally deleted the original file). I had meant to blog more photos, but... inevitably... I put it off.

I am supposed to be in Yosemite right now. It has been a tradition that Gary and I have, to go every year. It is our happy place. It is the first "vacation" we took together, the place where he asked me to marry him. It is the place where we are at peace with everything which, at times, seems like an impossible feat. We were going to go this weekend (after rescheduling our trip twice). But, life got busy and we rescheduled again.

Rather than be sad, I am going to use this opportunity to post some photos and to kick start a blogging avalanche (or so I can hope).

I will start with the smallest waterfall in Yosemite, Fern Springs. I think that I may actually be taller than this adorable little spout. It is my understanding that the water is cold, refreshing and absolutely safe to drink. But I abstained as I couldn't shake the fear of contracting giardia, Baylisascaris or some other parasite I learned about in school.

El Capitan. 
The first morning I shot this monolith from the valley floor.  

And the second morning, from Tunnel Bridge.

Sunset at Tunnel Bridge.

The colors and cloud formations that night were outrageous.
It was as though the sky was on fire.

And my final sunset in Yosemite.
While millions of people were watching the Superbowl,
I was watching this:

This is the image I posted on my FB page.
And subsequently deleted.

I hope that Yosemite is having fun this weekend without my family and me. I know that we will be missing you. Until we meet again...

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