Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Opinion, please

Last month I was so moved by a photo I saw online that I posted this blog. I received a lot of positive response and have been so excited about my mini-sessions for military service people and their pets. Since that post, I have named the event "Vets and Pets" and have confirmed that it will be held at Sacramento County Animal Control and Regulation on November 11, 2011. Several of my friends have volunteered to help and I am so thankful to them (I will be calling upon you very soon).

The purpose of this event is to celebrate the bond between soldiers and their companions. And in order to advertise for this event, I figured that I need to start with a sample photo of a military person and his/her pet. My first thought, of course, was my husband and one of our many animals. Gary served in the US Army as a tank gunner. At the tender age of 19, he was shipped to the Gulf where he sat on a tank, named Budweiser, for 3 months. And for the 4 days of Operation Desert Storm, he didn't sleep. I don't think his mother slept either. Fortunately, he made it home safely.

Gary does not like to be photographed. And when he is photographed, he usually makes stupid faces which ruin the photo. Given his initial response to my idea ("don't do it, it will be too sad"), I figured there was no way that he would volunteer. So I didn't give him the chance to say no. When Gary came home from work, I asked him to put on his favorite Army hat, grab our cat Mop and meet me outside in front of the American flag (which he hung for September 11th). Much to my surprise, Gary and Mop were fairly cooperative. And I got a few shots that I just love. Mostly because my rough-and-tumble husband adores his one-eyed Persian cat and is not afraid to show it. And amazingly enough, Gary loves these shots, too. When I expressed my surprise, he said "why wouldn't I like them? It's me and Mop!". Mission accomplished.

Here are the 2 shots that I am contemplating using for the flyer for the event. I would love your opinion as I cannot be objective (it's my husband and our cat... what's not to love?). Please feel free to comment either here, on Facebook or email me with your opinions and/or suggestions. All thoughts are totally appreciated.

Shot #1

and shot #2

What do you think? Are either of these photos that would encourage a service person to come out to the shelter on a holiday and have his/her picture taken? And perhaps with a less-than-jubilant pet? 

I'll keep you posted. Over and out.


  1. I'm for the top one. It looks more "military" to me. Both are great, maybe you could use both?

  2. I like the top one. If the guys think they'll have to do a lovey-dovey pose with their pet, they may hesitate to come.

    And paws up for your husband. He isn't afraid to show that he loves his cat and he should be proud of his service. Hopefully it will encourage other vets to come get their photo taken.