Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Millie - Forever Home

Oh Millie, if only you knew what you have started...

I began following the Sacramento Animal Care and Regulation Facebook page after one of my vet school classmates, Meera Heller, "liked" the page. At that time, a dog named Millie was the star of the page - she had been in the shelter for nearly four months and there was a big push to find her a Forever Home. Millie had two big strikes against her: 1) she was a pit bull and 2) she was a black brindle pit bull (the hardest to place). But Millie had a lot of good things going for her, like her sweet personality and her bright and cheery attitude. Despite being in the shelter for months, she was still a happy dog. Many of the staff and volunteers had fallen in love with her and were hoping she would find the perfect home.

She did. A wonderful woman by the name of Stefani had been watching Millie's story on FB and she could no longer stand by and do nothing. So Stefani made a beeline for the shelter where she met Millie and fell in love, just like everyone else. The only difference was that Stefani adopted Millie and took her home. To her Forever Home.

My first ever trip to the shelter was on this day. I had made an appointment to come down and have a tour so that I could start photographing the animals. I too had been following Millie's story and was hoping to meet her. When I walked into the reception area, this is what I saw:

Millie, surrounded by people giving her lots of love. She had just been adopted and the paperwork was being finalized. And when it was announced over the loudspeaker that Millie had been adopted, I got goosebumps. In watching Stefani and Millie together, I knew that everything was going to be alright.

Six months later, I had the opportunity to visit Millie and Stefanie at their home. I would have to say that life is pretty good for the both of them. Would you like to see?

Millie loves the tennis ball. In fact, she is obsessed

Millie loves the water. Fortunately for her, she has a big pool to play in.

and a mommy who will push her tennis ball over when it gets too far away

Thanks mom!

She also loves this blue dryer ball.

nom nom nom nom nom

And this here is Millie on her favorite pillow. Yes, Millie is a pillow dog.

Can't a girl eat in peace?

I was actually waiting for Millie to do a few of her silly tricks. Stefani tells me that Millie will throw kibble up in the air and catch them in her mouth. I wasn't fortunate enough to see this, but I did get to see Millie fling her dish with her foot.

Apparently Millie will stick her foot in her dish and fling it. One time Millie sent the bowl flying down the hallway, knocking over everything in it's path. Silly girl!

She doesn't like being away from momma too long...

...because that means she is missing out on kisses

Millie and Stefani, you girls are just incredible. There is a bond between the two of you that is indescribable, but is apparent to anyone who sees the two of you together. Thank you Stefani for giving this girl a chance. For adopting her from the shelter after so many had passed her by. I know that Millie thanks you every day.

And I thank you both for being my ambassadors to the shelter. For showing me that good things come to those who wait. And for proving that you can find true love in the most unlikely of places.

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