Monday, April 25, 2011

Finn - Forever Home

Last October, I received a request from Sara to photograph a pair of GSPs who were at the shelter. She was hoping that NorCal GSP Rescue would be pulling them, and nice photos would help them to find new homes. So the next time I was at the shelter, I found Huck and Finn and attempted to take their pictures. If you know GSPs, they don't sit still for a second. Even when they are asleep, they are busy doing things. Fortunately, there was a volunteer who was walking the dogs and she helped me to get a few photos.

Here is Finn, enjoying a little time in the kiddie pool:

What a goofy nut this guy is. He and his buddy Huck were pulled by the rescue group shortly after this photo.

Enter Catherine, a kind hearted soul who was looking for a new dog. She had recently put her old dog to sleep and was looking for a canine companion. Catherine contacted a different rescue group (different breed altogether) and they were not very helpful. Apparently 40 acres in Angel's Camp wasn't their idea of a good home for a dog. Whaaaaaat?!!?

Fortunately, Catherine got in touch with NorCal GSP Rescue. When she arrived at the foster home, Finn and another GSP, Scout, were immediately glued to her side. How could she not take both of them home? In addition, Catherine agreed to foster a third dog, Spuds.

Now I don't claim to be a dog expert, but this is a simple equation:

Catherine + 40 acres + Finn + Scout + Spuds = AWESOMENESS!!!!!

You want to see?

That would be Finn, running around on some of his 40 acres.
Terrible life for a dog. Just terrible...

Did I also mention there are goats for the dogs to talk to?

The GSPs like to help with the chores.
There are lots of goats and chickens to feed...

And lots of time for head scratches.
That would be Spuds getting some love as Scout patiently awaits his turn.

Finn was too busy looking for birds to give me the time of day.
When I did get him to look at me, I got this face.
It is the same face my 4 year old gives me when I tell her she can play after she eats dinner:

Because he would rather be doing this:

playing with Scout (who is on the right)

When Finn isn't running, or chasing things, or playing with Scout,
he lays on his dog bed in front of the fire.
What a terrible, terrible life...
Wouldn't you say, Finn?

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