Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best of My Show

This past week, I worked 2 days as the official vet for the Sacramento Dog Show. It was interesting, to say the least...

There were several ribbons handed out to various specimens of perfection in dozens of breeds. And it seems as though everyone I spoke to was in the process of becoming a champion.

The whole process made me think about my dogs. They are far from perfect, but I just love the hell out of them. All four of them. And I thought it would be nice to let them know that they are appreciated. So I had my own dog show and each one of my four dogs came out champions.

Would you like to see the winners?

Best Dog with Rancid Gas

Best Dog with One Eye
Doug the Pug

Best Dog with a Perfectly Placed Bone Plate
(thanks Dr. Vida for the kick-ass repair!)

Best Dog with a Nose
Percy Pee Pee Pant

Aren't they perfect? Thanks for coming to the inaugural McArthur Dog Show!

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