Friday, March 23, 2012

Every little thing is gonna be all right...

A friend once made the comment "ALWAYS bring tissue to read Nicole's blog... ALWAYS!!". I hate to think that I make people cry. I prefer to make people happy. Sometimes I make people laugh, but that is usually unintentional and due to my own buffoonery.

I'll be honest with you. This post will infuriate you and likely make you cry. And for that I will apologize in advance. My purpose is not to make you sad or angry, but to fill you with hope. Because these little guys sure deserve it.

I'd like to introduce you to two very special dogs:

Meet Shadow and Baby... aren't they adorable? Cute little dogs, snuggled together in their little bed. Enough to make anyone's heart melt, wouldn't you say? They met at the shelter and have formed an unbreakable bond.

Here comes the infuriating part: both dogs have suffered heinous, unspeakable abuse. I will not reveal that details of their abuse, because it is not my place to do so. But what I can tell you is that the sick son-of-a-bitch who abused one of these dogs is in jail. For TEN years. And it is perhaps the first time that Jessica's Law has ever been applied in the case of animal abuse. Personally, I am hoping that Karma does truly exist and that she is as big of a bitch as everybody says that she is. 

The verdict in this case is a huge victory for Shadow, for Baby, and for animals everywhere. And it was all made possible because of the remarkable work done by the officers, veterinarian and staff at Sacramento Animal Control and Regulation. Not to mention the district attorney's office who successfully prosecuted this case. Thankfully, justice was most definitely served.

Shadow and Baby have been under the care of a wonderful foster mom. A friend of mine, I can personally attest to how much she has done to care for these two. To provide them with a life that is as normal as can possibly be. And now, with the case closed, comes the bittersweet time where they have been cleared for adoption. Bitter, because these dogs have weaved themselves into our lives and it is almost unthinkable to let them go. Sweet because the thought of them living in their Forever Home with a family who loves them is enough to make my heart burst. 

The purpose of this post is not to make you feel sorry for Shadow and Baby. Don't you dare feel sorry for them. Yes, they have a horrendous past, but it is long behind them. And their future is so bright... The purpose of this post is to introduce Shadow and Baby to as many people possible with the hopes that their future family is out there and is ready to bring them home.

Recently, I spent the morning with these two kids and their foster mom to try and get some photos to show you what amazing little creatures Shadow and Baby are. Would you like to get to know them a little better? I thought that you might.

Here they go, on one of their many daily walks:

They have their own yard at the shelter to do their business
(they are potty trained)
and to catch a breath of fresh air.
All this cuteness is hard work, you know.

This is Shadow. 
He is the quieter of the two and is very, very shy.
Physically, Shadow is the picture of health and there are no signs of the internal injuries he sustained at his previous home.
He does have emotional issues secondary to the abuse that he has suffered - he is
wary of new situations and people, and will run and hide if worried.

And this here is Baby.
She is outgoing and silly. And with her scruffy hair and underbite,
she is a girl after my own heart.
She has some subtle physical signs of her abuse - she occasionally hops on
one of her back legs. She may also have future issues with arthritis as
she suffered a serious pelvic fracture in her previous home.

Baby is Shadow's protector... nothing happens to him without her knowing about it.
Their foster mom tells me that when Shadow was neutered, the vet staff asked if
Baby could stay with him as Shadow was nervous all by himself.
Baby was right by his side the entire time, and was even sitting on top of him while he
recovered from anesthesia.

Most of their day is spent working with their foster mom.
As she sits at her desk and works, Shadow and Baby wander between their four dog beds. 

When it's business as usual, they take a quick nap. In the same bed.

But when their foster mom so much as glances in their direction,
they are at her feet, ready to receive plenty of love and affection.

The rest of the time, they just do regular dog stuff.
 Like sing a tune.

Or dance a jig.

Or take care of business.

Or warm mama's lap.

You see, they are just like any other dog.
 Shadow, with his floppy ear.

And Baby with her mohawk.

 They have history.

But more importantly, they have a future.

If you are interested in adopting Shadow and Baby, there are some important conditions to be met:
1) They are to be adopted together as they are strongly bonded to each other. They are each other's support system.
2) Prospective adopters will be thoroughly screened to ensure the best possible placement. This will include a home check if the adopter is a person not known to the shelter. I am pretty sure that their foster mom will be a part of this screening process. And believe you me, she is tough. These dogs will not go home with just anyone.
3) If the adoption does not work out for any reason, BOTH dogs must be returned to the shelter and to the shelter only.

If you have questions about Shadow and Baby, please contact Laura Badeker at (916) 876-7657.

Please share this post with any person that you think might be the perfect Forever Family for these two special dogs.

I'll let you know when they have found their new home. I plan to make a trip over there because this is one chapter of Forever Home that I can't wait to write.

*Update 6/8/12 - With great happiness, I can report that Shadow and Baby left the shelter today for their Forever Home. Their new mommy is wonderful... I haven't met her, but from the photo I have seen, I can tell that she has much kindness in her heart. I hope some day that I can meet her and give her a big hug and a thank you for bringing these two kids into her life. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be making my way over to their new home (along with their longtime foster mommy) to take some photos of their new life. This is a good great day!


  1. Bastard. We used to raise and breed them for loving homes....breaks my heart...if we were in a different situation, I know we would qualify but now we have a couple of kelpies.

  2. You are so amazing.. All I can say is... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Nicole, I volunteer at the shelter and have come to love Baby and Shadow so much. They are so good in their kennels on the weekends and don't mind going back in when we take them out to potty. I am impressed that the shelter has allowed them to stay together so long. With the resilience they have shown living in the shelter this long, they will adjust just fine in a new home i am sure. thank you for helping others see what we get to see in them.

  4. Pinned, tweeted, and sharing on g+. Best of luck to these precious babies in finding a forever home!

  5. Thanks for sharing thier story....I will add them to my prayers that find a forever home quickly where they can enjoy the live they so deserve.

  6. These dogs are so beautiful! A sad story with a happy new beginning.