Friday, September 24, 2010

2 Nicoles and their Kids

When I was in college, I was a really shy, dorky girl who had a hard time making friends. I was pre-med and everyone I had met in my classes was ultra competitive - not exactly a warm, welcoming environment for a wallflower such as myself. Someone suggested I rush a sorority, which I did before my sophomore year. I didn't know one from the other, but through that week, I clicked the most with the girls from Delta Delta Delta. Okay, let's get it out of the way right now... "can I help ya? help ya? help ya?". I met some really great girls and a few weeks later moved into the coolest house ever. It was on 33rd Street in Newport Beach, one block from the shore. I shared a room with Nicole, aka Snickie, who was nice enough to share her closet with me. We opened the bedroom window at night and listened to the sounds of the ocean while talking about life, which at that time revolved mostly around boys. Snickie was a great roommate and that year on 33rd Street went down as one of my all time favorites.
After graduation, I lost touch with most of my Tri Delta sisters and my roommates. Some 16 years later, through the magic of a little thing called Facebook, Snickie and I reconnected. Since we had graduated, she went on to marry her college sweetheart and together they have two adorable boys. Nicole was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease which prompted her to discover (and love) a gluten free lifestyle. Nicole has been seriously working on some recipes with the hopes of starting her own gluten free bakery. As memory serves, Nicole is a fabulous cook and I have no doubt that her bakery will be a smashing success!
A couple of months ago, I was planning a trip down to Southern California. Nicole and I decided to get together for a mini reunion, complete with our little kids. First of all, I must say that Snickie looks even more gorgeous than she did in college (if that was even possible). Second, that girl makes some cute little kids (as if there was a doubt). We met up at Fashion Island for a photo shoot as Cole and Dean love to run around there; their favorite activity is to look at the koi in the fish pond. Unfortunately for us, the fish were on vacation as their home is being renovating. But we managed to have some fun despite the little hiccup.
I must confess, I had no idea what I was in for. I have two busy little girls, which is nothing compared to two very busy little boys. After about an hour of chasing them around, I was exhausted. Nicole, I don't know how you do it all day, every day. You are a super hero in my book!
Without further adieu, I give you the fabulous Snickie and her sons, Cole and Dean:

Big brother Cole

and little brother Dean

Cole was so cute... he would wander around and pose for the camera. I think he has a modeling career in his future! Even the recent loss of his two front teeth didn't stop him from smiling. I think Cole needs to give his little brother some tips... every time I put the camera up to my face, Dean would give me this smile:

How stinkin' cute is this little guy? Oh, I am just smitten with him. And FYI, he does actually know how to smile. I asked him to stand in front of the gorgeous front doors of Jonathan Adler and he gave me this adorable little pose:

Another great backdrop was lurking right near the koi pond... we didn't have fish, but we had this cool little sky effect going on:

Which inspired me to play with some vintage-y actions in PS and LR

I don't think there was a part of Fashion Island we didn't cover.

There was a fountain
and an escalator

and a planter

and a toy store

Nicole asked if I could get a photo of her and the boys together, which I was so happy to do. If only it were that easy. Most of my pictures ended up looking like this:

and this:

which I am sure is not exactly what Nicole had in mind when she made her request. But I just love this shot... the boys are being their silly selves and Nicole is laughing and looking uber fab. When I think about our morning at Fashion Island, this is what I remember.

Nicole, thank you so much for being such a great roommate a lifetime ago. Congratulations on your beautiful family and for all that you have endured and accomplished as a mommy. You are doing a wonderful job with Cole and Dean and I am so glad that I was able to meet them. Our reunion was a quick whirlwind of a visit... far too short for my taste. Perhaps we can get together again someday, preferably sooner than 16 years from now?

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